One of the specifications is even 60 percent recycled for those green applications that are popular. It is used on the outside of airplanes and in many cars. Machining is not its strong point, however, In its sheet form, it does not need this type of work done to it. This is a material that will not help pass on germs and bacteria so it is easily cleaned.

Specification 1100 is the lowest strength material and is used for kitchen utensils and general fabricating. There are several different types or specifications of this non ferrous metal and they are very flexible as what it is they can be used for. The ratings are 5000 PSI in strength and is used for duct work and storage tanks.

The uses for which sheet aluminum can be put to use is a very flexible list of things. Many computer cases are fabricated from this and it is a material that is used inside those same cases. These metals are often Manganese, Copper and Magnesium, among others. This material will help you provide the nice surface and easily worked metal for all of the products you need it to cover.

The 2014 has a protective finish on it and is useful for those pieces manufactured that needs this protection from many conditions. Each of these groupings with various grades and can exhibit features and benefits that are different from other ones.

These specifications number from the 1000 series and go through the 75000 series. It is usually alloyed with other metals which lends their strength and other benefits. Each application will need one of these specifically and some of them can be used for several different reasons.

Material listed as 3003 is used for many of the food applications. This specification resists these stresses galvanized steel coil better than other materials.

Generally speaking aluminum is too soft or mild to make a strong metallic surface. It is easily cut, bent and formed into many shapes. It is resistant to corrosion and rust like all of color coated steel coil the others, however, it does not have the strength that is needed for some of the more critical applications. The experienced workers in metal know what is what and what to recommend to all clients. When it is alloyed, a number or specification is applied to it to ensure everyone in the work flow knows what the alloy is. The ability to make this material into computer and other item cases is well known. 2219 is heat resistance to a very large number of operating machines and engines.Sheet aluminum is a material that is used for many things that all people use every day.

Looking into the manufacture of airplanes and spacecraft, you will find they use specification 2024.

Because of its ability to resist corrosion, rust and abrasions to a very large degree, this material is popular in many applications. It is lightweight so it will assist in helping increase gas mileage for cars and trucks. 3004 is a stronger version of the previous one and is a welcome additional for those units that need this added security. It has the effect of making many things as green as they can possibly be. Light weight for cars and other items that are used every day.