Structural hot rolled steel coil Engineering is something you can’t afford to get wrong. The long-term integrity of your next construction project depends on the reliability of the steel girders that underlie the rest of your building, and so it’s foolish to leave the design of that underlying structure to a design firm that is inexperienced, or unreliable. Tectonix Steel, a Mesa, Arizona based steel detailing firm, has ample experience with structural steel engineering. They’ll make sure the job gets done correctly.

They use a suite of design tools known as "Tekla Structures" [formerly known as "XSteel"]. This software helps Tectonix perform all its structural steel engineering work to the most exacting of specifications. Anything you can imagine for your building project, Tectonix is capable of modeling.The company also owes some of its success to its staff of fifteen experienced steel detailers, some of whom have been involved in the profession for decades. These seasoned industry professionals will lavish attention upon your structural steel engineering project, to ensure it turns out exactly as you had envisioned it.Tectonix hopes to become a leader a structural steel engineering industry, and they hope to achieve this by building strong contingent of satisfied customers.

Tectonix Steel differentiates itself from its competition with an established record of successful structural steel engineering projects. And not only are their projects successful; they’re diverse. The company has catered to the needs of clients both large and small, whether their projects have involved just three tons of steel, or have required more than two thousand tons.

Tectonix has provided structural steel engineering services to clients from a variety of different sectors, ranging from very large businesses, to churches and schools. Their diverse resume makes them uniquely able to cater to the structural steel engineering needs of almost any company or individual.Tectonix offers a full range of structural steel engineering services to its clients, including detailing services in structural and miscellaneous steel. The firm uses advanced 3d software modeling technology to expedite the design process, and ensure absolutely accuracy in everything they do.

Tecontonix deliverables include detailed erection plans; clear shop drawings with details of any complex parts; full-scale templates for layouts that are more complex; CNC files for beam lines and plasma cutters; electronic material files for fabrol; isometric details of complex connections; and an advance bill of materials list, either in hard copy, or in electronic format.In addition to its unparalleled diversity and flexibility, Tectonix brings to the table a mastery of latest in software structural steel engineering tools.