If you play slowly, please Click here to download the interview video After the local broadcast.  Moderator: Netizens Hello, everybody! Today is the fall of 2006 68th National Electronic Show the next day, today we are honored to have the Super Star Electronics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Zhang Xiaofeng, vice president of Marketing Division, Thank you zhang, first of all a brief zhang Super Star Electronic Co., Ltd. Hangzhou basic information.  Zhang Xiaofeng: Hello everybody, Hangzhou Super Star Super Star Group Electronics Co., Ltd. is setting up factories in Taiwan, the total Investment 15 million U.S. dollars, last year's sales of 45 million U.S. dollars, the company main products are quartz crystals, quartz oscillators, the company's goal is the customer, the company expects 2006 sales will reach 60 million U.S. dollars, thank you!  Moderator: Zhang said earlier mainly quartz oscillators, quartz resonator's products, then ask the Manager Zhang detail about product performance, characteristics and uses it. 

Moderator: The Super Star of the development is very fast, we want zhang probably like to describe what 2006 hopes to develop into a situation, there is what the company development goals, right?  Zhang Xiaofeng: I just returned Electronics Show in Munich, Germany, from the show, the whole international community and the quartz crystal oscillator on the request to a more compact development, the current minimum size is 2.0-1.6 international dimension, I will be in small make greater efforts, and I will gradually withdraw from the company's products common type of quartz oscillator competition, because we found that the majority of European and American counterparts on the market continued to gain market means lower prices, we will maintain high prices on ordinary quartz crystal strategies, to maintain reasonable profit margins, thanks! 

Zhang Xiaofeng: As a sales company in China has more than 10 years, our sales Direct sales mainly mainly from the perspective of 10 years of sales, is currently the main player in domestic and international vendors, the company has become Huawei ZTE The main suppliers, while our company and world-renowned manufacturer of computer communications and home appliances have achieved good relations of fiber drop cable cooperation. With sales growth, while also upgrading the product has reached a level of integration with the international, currently 3.2  2.5 have reached the international advanced level, thank you!  

Moderator: Just returned from Munich just zhang said electronic display to come back and see some high-end international competition, I think talent is very important, I would like to introduce zhang how we attract talent, develop technology what specific measures?  Zhang Xiaofeng: Our current human resources strategy based mainly on self-culture, while introducing high-end talent in the company's main R & D machines are in Taiwan, while mainland China set up its own R & D team, from the view of the entire personnel process The main senior staff or by external introduction of the main, but we also introduced many new university graduates for self-cultivation, thank you!  Moderator: 10 years as a company, the company is very important to sustainable development, companies must have their own culture and business philosophy and objectives, the following please zhang wrote about aspects of corporate culture to share with you.