Power Brake Booster Hose: Power Brake Booster Hose and Brake Hose are other types of Hoses that are used for their strength, fuel resistance and the ability to withstand high pressure.

Rubber Hoses are designed in differing capacities and different constructions. A Fuel Hose on the other hand, uses Metal Tubes.
Curved Hose: This Hose is required for slightly more challenging applications, where the source & destination (the point from where the material transfer starts to where it eventually ends) are located.

The use of Hoses makes dispersal of fluids like water, oil and chemicals extremely convenient. The company also makes available other products like Rubber Sheets, PVC Water Stop Seal & PVC Handrails/Extruded Profiles, etc. Different types of Rubber Hoses are available to buyers today, and are required in accordance with the applications. The need for Rubber Hoses is felt steel coil in all areas where conveying matter from one place to another, in large quantities, is required. Rubber Suction Hoses are pipes that contain an inner tube, reinforcement, and an outer rubber cover.
Other Types: On the basis of materials used for construction of Hose Pipes, ones made of unreinforced rubber and Radiator Hoses are used for vacuum hose, windshield washer hose& drain hose, and cooling purposes respectively. Any use of these Pipes beyond their strength does not only reduce their efficiency, but in some cases, may prove detrimental too.

Universal: This type of Rubber Hose is clamped at one end and can be bent, until it assumes the required shape. If these things are kept in mind while using, the Rubber Hoses can offer excellent performance for a very long time to come. Santosh Rubber Industry makes available a wide range of PPGI PPGL steel coil  Rubber Hoses such as Fire Fighting Hoses, Industrial Rubber Suction Hose etc.santoshrubber.