The JUIC Couga rubber is nearly absolutely their most famous rubber. The hugely elastic sheet and significant stress sponge delivers a boost in both equally spin and speed, perfect for the hugely offensive style gamers..

For a a lot more allround design game, equally the offensive and defensive players, it really is challenging go earlier the JUIC Texalium blade.The JUIC Bamboo Shot blade and JUIC Maple Shot blade are distinctive amid all the table tennis blade suppliers (at the time of producing), and offer you a exclusive sense of the ball not identified in any other blades. This technological innovation gives a lot superior grip, and a major increase in velocity but also in durability.

While JUIC provides a broad assortment of rubbers, suited for all stages and style, they have some special and impressive goods that sets them aside from other companies. These are oversize blades with a good comfortable come to feel, offering chopper that more attain and sense, but with a lot of electrical power for a energy loop or to place the ball absent. With the suitable option of rubber this blade can be employed for any type of engage in. It offer you enough electric power for an offensive type video game, but still plenty of regulate and truly feel for a defensive or chopper's color steel sheet sport. This significant pressure ultima sponge also comes on a variety of their brief pimple rubbers, most notable the JUIC Offensive Ultima.

For the defensive styles of participate in, JUIC provide the JUIC Neo Anti, and the JUIC Leggy Defense. The most very regarded of these rubbers would be the JUIC 999 Elite Ultima, which uses a slender tacky topsheet ( based mostly on the World 999 topsheet design) with the delicate and strong Ultima sponge.. This rubber is without a doubt one of the swiftest rubbers in the entire world, speedier than several offensive rubbers even when they are velocity glued! JUIC was one particular of the initially (if not the very first) to introduce Nano-Tech know-how in the two the topsheet and sponge of the rubber. Much more not too long ago JUIC also introduces the JUIC Nano-Cannon, which also works by using the same know-how, but is made and optimised to produce a sharp arch on loops, at large speeds.

JUIC also offer you blades for the modern day defensive types, the JUIC Euro Chopper and Euro Cut blades. The Neo Anti kills the spin and absorbs the electrical power of any incoming attack, but not like most other anti-spin rubbers, the elastic surface of the topsheet, steel coil and smooth sponge nevertheless enables you to produce important spin when you hit the ball tougher.The JUIC Leggy protection is really dangerous and deceptive very long pimple rubber.

Yet another fantastic JUIC innovation was to blend a tacky Chinese-model topsheet with a gentle but strong Japanese fashion sponge, like the JUIC Ultima sponges。