The portable racks also provide security for the coils as they are being moved in your operation. Coil storage racking stores steel coils and reels safely and efficiently, which allows steel or metal fabricators or distributors to maximize their storage space. Shipping containers come in different sizes and with different features depending on the product being transported.

Shipping Rack | Rigid Shipping Rack | Collapsible Shipping Rack | Adjustable Shipping Rack | Custom Shipping Rack .Shipping racks are usually used for transporting parts ranging from to engines, to lawn mowers, to mufflers, to agricultural tractor components and everything in between. This allows empty racks to be stacked more densely for lower freight costs on the return trip.

Corrosion Prevention Packaging | Corrosion Protection | Cortec Corrosion Preventions | Rust Prevention .In some applications the stacking racks are also used to stage the coils, and the product in the roll can be fed directly into the production process from the rack. Security. This also prevents the rack posts from being misplaced in shipment. Steel Coil Storage Rack System

Coil racks are structural rack frame of steel tubing designed for receiving steel coils and holding them off the floor or ground. The salt in the air attaches to the surface of the metal and the material begins to rust or corrode until it is eventually ruined.

Consider looking into corrosion prevention packaging color steel sheet for your industrial equipment.

Often shipping racks are designed with sides that can fold down. This opens up a large amount of valuable floor space for other uses.

Most aluminum shipping/storage containers offer the following features:Paint. In many instances, the racks can be designed to stack 2 high during shipment, reducing your freight costs. Coil racks | Stackable coil racks | Portable coil PPGI PPGL steel coil racks | Custom Coil Racks

Stackable shipping racks are designed in such a way that they can be 4 or 5 loads high to save warehouse space.Stackable coil racks maximize your storage space by allowing you to add a second or third level of storage. to make a shipping rack fit your product, the way you want.

Custom shipping rack design can be customized to the size, dunnage, weight capacity, construction materials, etc. Ramps. There are a lot of solutions developed specifically to fit you product based on the: type of part, system of transport, storage environment and storage time needed by our client.

Shipping rack is a steel or aluminum rack frame designed to protect components and products while they are being shipped over the road or by rail. It is often faster and easier for a forklift truck to pick up a loaded rack than a loose coil.

Many people have experienced a substantial cost associated with the corrosion of items, including planes, cars, sports equipment, power tools, hand tools, and household items.

However, the warm, salty and moist air has a corrosive effect leading to the decay of metal items used for work or play.
A coil rack is designed to protect the finish and edges of your material and prevent elongation or "squashing". Corrosion Prevention Packaging