There’s a lot to be said about the positive benefits of men’s stainless hot rolled steel coil wedding rings, including their durability, tarnish-resistance and affordability. But how is stainless steel different from other contemporary materials as well as traditional precious metals? Here is how men’s stainless steel wedding rings compare to four other popular wedding band materials.Stainless Steel versus TungstenAlong with titanium, tungsten carbide men’s rings are one of the most popular contemporary options on the men’s jewelry market.

While men’s stainless steel wedding rings and tungsten carbide bands share some similarities, there are marked differences as well. For starters, stainless steel is a metallic alloy of steel and chromium, whereas tungsten carbide is a cermetal (a compound of a metal and nonmetal) that is made of the metal tungsten and an equal number of carbon atoms.Both tungsten bands and men’s stainless steel wedding rings are impressively durable, though stainless steel is significantly more crack-resistant and tungsten carbide is somewhat more scratch-resistant.

While both materials are more affordable than metals like gold or platinum, stainless steel tends to be more budget-friendly than titanium. This is likely due to the greater abundance of stainless steel as a material, as well as its great workability for jewelry designs over titanium.Stainless Steel versus Sterling SilverBoth sterling silver and men’s stainless steel wedding rings offer a white metal alternative to platinum or white gold (though stainless steel is usually a little darker than sterling silver). Sterling silver can tend to tarnish and oxidize, especially as it is exposed to air and water, whereas stainless steel is highly stain and oxidization resistant.Sterling silver can come in a higher quality alloy called Argentium silver, which has improved durability and tarnish-resistance.

Titanium’s lightness of weight belies its strength, and titanium is actually three times stronger than stainless steel. However, stainless steel is more scratch-resistant and will definitely show less signs of the micro-scratching that tends to accumulate with daily wear than titanium.Tungsten carbide rings are heavier than men’s stainless steel wedding rings, and neither material is able to be re-sized (a new ring must be purchased instead).Stainless Steel versus GoldThe only naturally yellow metal in existence, gold is as flashy as stainless steel is understated.

Though gold offers a number of pricing tiers, especially with different karat purities, men’s stainless steel wedding rings are a fraction of the price of their gold counterparts.Gold can be alloyed with any number of different metals, resulting in a variety of colors and karat grades. Stainless steel does offer a few different color options in addition to its naturally light gunmetal grey hue, but not to the same extent that gold does. However, stainless steel is significantly stronger and more durable than gold.Stainless Steel versus TitaniumWhile men’s stainless steel wedding rings are noticeably lighter than tungsten carbide bands, titanium wedding rings are even lighter still.