Since its introduction the Flying V electric guitar has gained numerous devotees across the world. It's V shaped body has been ideally suited to the various guitar players who choose to stand out and who also love to posture on stage.

This guitar has existed longer than some people are aware of, though it's experienced several style adjustments en route. These instruments continue to be produced today and are as well-liked now as they ever have been.

Below are 10 facts about the guitar:

1. The Gibson guitar Company first began making prototypes of the Flying V in 1957.

2. The first guitars had been constructed from a wood labeled Korina. This wood is just like mahogany although lighter in colour.

3. The official Flying V version premiered in 1958 and only 81 models ended up being shipped that year. Another 17 ended up shipped in 1959.

4. Although these original versions are incredibly valuable and collectable nowadays, the very first products had been priced at $247. 50 with an supplemental $75 necessary for the genuine hardcase.

5. To put in perspective how collectable these original models are right now, a 1958 or 1959 model is currently the 5th most collectable guitar available and is definitely worth in the region of $200,000 - $250,000.

6. We have witnessed countless prominent users of this kind of guitar over the years including: Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Marc Bolan, Tom Petty along with the Schenker brothers.

7. Gibson made a style and design alternation in 1967 when they launched mahogany as the wood for the instrument. There were also simple modifications to the shape and also the introduction of a new scratch plate, a better bridge and tailpiece configuration together with a different control system. The 1967 product took over as the standard Flying V guitar and still is to this day.

8. Between 1979 and 1982 a V2 model was released. This model had different carvings in the body and also had two boomerang shaped single coil guitar pickups as standard. These pickups didn't prove a major success and lots of guitarists through the years made a decision to swap these with humbuckers.

9. The Flying V became synonymous with heavy rock due to its ability to fit over the guitar players knee when being played live on stage.

10. The 1967 mahogany model of the Flying V is manufactured in much the same way as the Gibson SG model, apart from the obvious variations in the shape.

So that's the Flying V electric guitar. It Is certainly not every person's cup of tea and it certainly appears to be a somewhat genre specific model, nonetheless in 1957 this guitar was without a doubt a hugely ingenious design.