75 a week; Platts 62% grade iron ore index of $ 133. hot rolled coil decline is even more evident, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan price weekly decline in the 100-190 yuan. According to the review of the professionals in the market, the current round of steel price decline continued to the present, the domestic plate prices have fallen for 15 trading days from late February. Short term, this downward trend will continue. Beijing International Mining Exchange believes that the downstream industry the continued bearish conduction to the spot price of iron ore, triggered last week's rapid decline.25 a week.
According to the analysis, in the steel sheet market, the price decline has deepened. According to related reports provided by the relevant agencies, the continued strength of the iron ore market, and finally transferred to the accelerated downside track., and their prices will in a reasonable price range.
According to the latest market report, in March, more than half of the release of the downstream demand is still "slow" trend of the ups and downs of China steel prices , will directly affect the the spot steel city merchant mentality.1263 million tons, the highest of the highest level for the same period in history, a high level of crude steel production, a huge inventory of steel oversupply further exacerbate the contradictions for more pessimistic steel prices, coupled with the introduction of the property market regulation and control of the five countries ", again stir around the real estate market, and in turn have a negative impact on the steel industry.
Overall, the volatility of the steel market in China is still getting bigger, and now is the national series of policies and implementation of a critical period in the mechanism of state regulation, the China Iron and Steel must carry out reforms in order in the world steel occupy a more favorable market low.5 per ton, down $ 13.5% grade Indian iron ore fines Quote $ 134.
Steel raw material prices also fell overall. Baosteel Plate April ex-factory price increase, but the price movements in the spot market are not with the corrugated steel sheet formation of a "synchronization" effect, pessimism spread. Upside down and spot market prices due to higher pricing of some of the leading steel mills factory, serious, even if the margin constraint, a loss of serious traders or no choice but to give up to continue the implementation of the procurement plan. The Mine City market outlook is expected or downward trend, most of the buyers have fewer choices procurement. Ore in the domestic market in Hebei iron concentrate prices continue to fall, a weekly decline, t price of $ 20, the steel mills purchasing steel coil more cautious maintain low inventory strategies, thinly traded market. Bureau of Statistics data show that the first two months of China's average daily crude steel output was 2.75 per ton, down $ 13. Imported ore prices fell sharply, 63. This is mainly due to the downstream demand the release of poor, the complexity of the mentality of buyers, the rising steel trading business under constant pressure, shipped arbitrage willingness. Whether it is a large demand for hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel, the demand for middle-level galvanized steel , aluminized steel, as well as a triangular steel, etc.
Many factors affecting the iron ore spot market.In the past week, the major varieties of steel spot prices generally fall varieties weekly decline in more than 1%, which showed a larger hot-rolled steel.